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Upcoming events

    • 04 Oct 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • tba Kingston

    Join Kingston's sustainable energy community at this free meeting featuring a presentation by a sustainable energy expert, introductions, sector news, networking, and refreshments.  Please bring your own mug.


    Vanessa Cipriani

    Clean Air Partnerships

    • Addressing GHG emissions from buildings through home energy efficiency retrofits is critical for municipalities to reach their GHG reduction targets.
    •  A no net cost tool that municipalities can use to encourage retrofits is Local Improvement Charge (LIC) financing.
    • The City of Toronto offers a LIC program to finance home retrofits.
    • How this LIC tool can be used by municipalities, and the program design elements that must be considered by a municipal government.
    • Significant barriers that must be addressed in order to offer scalable, affordable, accessible programs across Ontario.

    Municipal Leaders for Climate Action Peer-to-Peer Network


    • Clean Air Partnership (CAP) is a charitable environmental organization launched in June, 2000. CAP’s mission is to help municipalities become sustainable, resilient, vibrant communities where resources are used efficiently, the air is clean to breathe and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized.

      CAP achieves this mission through research, knowledge transfer, and by fostering collaboration among all orders of government, academia, NGOs and a range of additional stakeholders. 

    Vanessa Cipriani is a Project Coordinator at Clean Air Partnership. Vanessa is coordinating the Climate Action Support Centre project, which works with a group of municipalities in Southern Ontario to advance implementation of green development standards for new low-rise buildings, and to create a pilot program for home energy efficiency retrofits for existing low-rise buildings. Previous to her work at CAP, Vanessa worked as a policy advisor for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. She is passionate about sustainable low-carbon communities, and the intersections between environmental justice and social equality. 

    Clean Air Partnership Presentation

    For more info: here.

    Advancing climate action at the community level isn’t only about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change; it is about advancing community livability and resilience and the financial sustainability of our communities.

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SWITCH Board of Directors Harriet Waterman and David Hyndman at The Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre (SEARC), St. Lawrence College, Kingston, January 2019. 

The Applied Research and Department of Innovation and Business Engagement Team hosted panel discussions on Academic and Industry Research with a tour of SEARC.

SWITCH Vice-Chair Ted Hsu was a local speaker at Climate Change Symposium 2019, Sustainable Kingston event.

Speaker addressing audience.

SWITCH Vice-Chair Ted Hsu was the featured speaker at the Queen's Global Energy Conference taster event in November 2018.

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Email: info@switchontario.ca

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